Broadview Memories


Can someone identify any of these people who are in this Broadview Class Picture?

1940 - 1941 class in Broadview

Here are some other pictures sent relating to Broadview School.


1952 Broadview Students are:

1st Row: Tom Irvine, Ken Irvine, Alfred Churchill, Allan Irvine, Raymond Myers and Donald Fraser
2nd row: Bob Paschke, Iris Paschke, Gail Fraser, Eleanor Edel, Roberta Fraser
3rd row: Wayne Irvine, Walter Strelau, Melvin Edel, Bill Fraser, Brian Irvine

Class of 1953

Nelson, Les and Melvin Edel going to school


1956 Broadview Students in class

1956 Valentine's Day Party

Broadview teacher Marion Snarr with boys

Broadview Class around 1957

Broadview activities Spring of 1962

Broadview is ready to go to track and field in Morris


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