These are the names of those who attended as students at Broadview School 1906 - 1965

These names have come from the Archives of Manitoba

1964 - 1965 1963 - 1964 1962 - 1963
Teacher  -  Christine Nichols Teacher  -  Christine Nichols Teacher - Janice Love
Fred Peters Tracy Skoglund Joyce Peters
Tracy Skoglund Joyce Peters Billy Clubb
Joyce Peters Glenn Penner Glenn Penner
Shirley Irvine Shirley Irvine Edward Edel
Larry Skoglund Larry Skoglund Shirley Irvine
Mary Peters Mary Peters Larry Skoglund
Shelly Pashke Shelly Pashke Charlotte Clubb
Margery Peters Margery Peters Donald Edel
Mary Peters
Shelly Paschke
Margery Peters
Vernon Penner
1961 - 1962 1960 - 1961 1959 - 1960
Teacher  -  Rita Covernton Teacher  -  Sachiko Mizobuchi Teacher  -  Sachiko Mizobuchi
Billy Clubb Billy Clubb Edward Edel
Glenn Penner Glenn Penner Shirley Irvine
Edward Edel Edward Edel Charlotte Clubb
Shirley Irvine Shirley Irvine Donald Edel
Larry Skoglund Larry Skoglund Mary Peters
Charlotte Clubb Charlotte Clubb Shelly Paschke
Donald Edel Donald Edel Margery Peters
Mary Peters Mary Peters Margaret Peters
Shelly Paschke Shelly Paschke Donald Churchill
Margery Peters Margery Peters John Peters
Vernon Penner Vernon Penner Vernon Penner
Donald Churchill Donald Churchill Marilyn Forrest
Siegmar Neuman Marilyn Forrest Alfred Churchill
Heinz Neuman Allan Irvine
Kenneth Irvine
Lloyd Penner
1958 - 1959 1957 - 1958 1956 - 1957
Teacher  -  Jean Major Teacher - Jean Murray Teacher - Marion Snarr
Charlotte Clubb Donald Edel Donald Churchill
Donald Edel Margery Peters John Peters
Mary Peters Shelly Paschke Marilyn Forrest
Shelly Paschke Donald Churchill Alfred Churchill
Margery Peters John Peters Allan Irvine
Margaret Peters Marilyn Forrest Kenneth Irvine
Donald Churchill Alfred Churchill Robert Paschke
John Peters Allan Irvine Thomas Irvine
Marilyn Forrest Kenneth Irvine Brian Irvine
Alfred Churchill Robert Paschke
Allan Irvine Thomas Irvine
Kenneth Irvine
Robert Paschke
Thomas Irvine
1955 - 1956 1954 - 1955 1953 - 1954
Teacher - Marion Snarr Teacher  -  Irene Nickel Teacher  -  Rita Johnson
Alvin Sanders Arlene Pashke Arlene Pashke
Marilyn Forrest Marilyn Forrest Marilyn Forrest
Alfred Churchill Alfred Churchill Alfred Churchill
Allan Irvine Allan Irvine Allan Irvine
Kenneth Irvine Kenneth Irvine Kenneth Irvine
Robert Paschke Robert Paschke Robert Paschke
Thomas Irvine Thomas Irvine Thomas Irvine
Raymond Myers Iris Paschle Iris Paschle
Eleanor Edel Eleanor Edel Eleanor Edel
Melvin Edel Melvin Edel Melvin Edel
Brian Irvine Brian Irvine Brian Irvine
Wayne Irvine Wayne Irvine Wayne Irvine
1952 - 1953 1951 - 1952 1950 - 1951
Teacher  -  Rita Johnson Teacher  -  Mary Dishnick Teacher  -  Shirley Friesen
2nd term  Helen Chornous
Alfred Churchill Tommy Irvine
Allan Irvine Bobby Paschke Donald Fraser
Kenneth Irvine Donald Fraser Eleanor Edel
Robert Paschke Carl Kromer Melvin Edel
Thomas Irvine Uive Kromer Robert Fraser
Raymond Myers Eleanor Edel Brian Irvine
Eleanor Edel Iris Pashke Wayne Irvine
Melvin Edel Raymond Meyers Gayle Fraser
Brian Irvine Melvin Edel Leslie Edel
Wayne Irvine Robert Fraser Walter Strelau
Iris Paschke Brian Irvine William Fraser
Wayne Irvine
Gale Fraser
Walter Strelau
Billy Fraser
1949 - 1950 1948 - 1949 1947 - 1948
Teacher  -  Helen Peters Teacher  -  Wm. H. Rentz Teacher  -  Wm Hugo Rentz
Eleanor Edel Melvin Edel Wayne Irvine
Melvin Edel June Thiessen Tena Thiessen
Brian Irvine Wayne Irvine Melvin Edel
Wayne Irvine Tena Thiessen Brian Irvine
Gayle Fraser Brian Irvine Susie Thiessen
Leslie Edel Margaret Thiessen Leslie Edel
William Fraser Gayle Fraser Gayle Fraser
Leslie Edel William Fraser
William Fraser Mary Thiessen
Mary Thiessen Cornelius Thiessen
Cornelius Thiessen Barrie Clubb
Barrie Clubb Nelson Edel
Nelson Edel Dick Thiessen
Rheinold Thiessen Doreen Paschke
Doreen Paschke Gertrude Thiessen
Gertrude Thiessen Diedrich Friesen
1946 - 1947 1944  - 1945 1943 - 1944
Teacher  -  Gwendolyn Compton Teacher  -  Dodrothy J. Scott Teacher  -  Jean Eliz. Donald
Brian Irvine Gayle Fraser Cornelius Thiessen
Susan Thiessen William Fraser Leslie Edel
Leslie Edel Cornelius Thiessen Marguerite Irvine
Gayle Fraser Mary Thiessen Barry Clubb
William Fraser Leslie Edel Toshio Suzuki
Cornelius Thiessen Barry Clubb Dick Thiessen
Mary Thiessen Nelson Edel Dorene Paschke
Barry Clubb Dick Thiessen Gertrude Thiessen
Nelson Edel Dorene Paschke Nelson Edel
Dick Thiessen Gertrude Thiessen Mitsue Suzuki
Dorene Paschke Lillian Thiessen France Thiessen
Gertrude Thiessen Francis Thiessen Robert Irvine
Dick Friesen Aki Kobayshi Tokiye Kobayashi
Kenneth Skoglund
Hideko Suzuki
Aki Kobayaski
Lilliam Thiessen
1942 - 1943 1941 - 1942 1940 - 1941
Teacher Jean Smith Teacher Jean Smith Teacher Eva Lillian McTavish
Leslie Edel Marguerite Irvine Gertrude Thiessen
Cornelius Thiessen Dorene Paschke Nelson Edel
Dick Thiessen Barry Clubb Lillian Thiessen
Marguerite Irvine Dick Thiessen Ella Burstahler
Barry Clubb Gertrude Thiessen Beatrice Bergstresser
Toshio Suzuki Nelson Edel Francis Thiessen
Dorene Paschke Lillian Thiessen Walter Rheinhold
Gertrude Thiessen Ella Burstahler Annie Burstahler
Nelson Edel Beatrice Bergstresser Robert Irvine
Lillian Thiessen Francis Thiessen Kenneth Skoglund
Ella Burstahler Walter Rheinhold Irene Irvine
Francis Thiessen Aki Kobayshi Phyllis Perkins
Mitsue Suzuki Annie Burstahler Jake Peters
Aki Kobayshi Bob Irvine Ross Clubb
Annie Burstahler Kenneth Skoglund Dorene Paschke
Tokiye Kobayashi Tokiye Kobayashi Barry Clubb
Robert Irvine Edward Burstahler Edward Bustahler
Kenneth Skoglund Irene Irvine
Hideko Suzuki Phyllis Perkins
Ethel Irene Irvine Jake Peters
Edward Burstahler
1939 - 1940 1939 - 1940 1938 - 1939
Teacher  -   Lillian Barry Teacher  -  Clara D. Sampson Teacher  -  Belle Patterson
Ella Burstahler Beatrice Bergstresser Beatrice Bergstresser
Lynley Piel Ella Burstahler Lillian Thiessen
Violet Piel Lenley Piel Francis Thiessen
Lillian Thiessen Violet Piel Dorothy Burstahler
Francis Thiessen Lillian Thiessen Robert Irvine
Beatrice Bergstresser Francis Thiessen Kenneth Skoglund
Walter Rheinhold Annie Burstahler Edward Burstahler
Annie Burstahler Robert Irvine Irene Irvine
Robert Irvine Kenneth Skoglund Phyllis Perkins
Kenneth Skoglund Edward Burstahler Jake Peters
Edward Burstahler Irene Irvine Ross Clubb
Irene Irvine Phyllis Perkins Dorothy Skoglund
Phyllis Perkins Jake Peters Henry Peters
Jake Peters Ross Clubb
Ross Clubb Dorothy Skoglund
Dorothy Skoglund Henry Peters
Henry Peters
1937 - 1938 1936 - 1937 1935 - 1936
Teacher  -  Margaret M. Irvine Teacher  -  Margaret M. Irvine Teacher  -  Margaret M. Irvine
Beatrice Bergstresser Irma Bergstresser Robert Irvine
Dorothy Burstahler Ross Clubb Annie Wiebe
Robert Irvine Irene Irvine Kenneth Skoglund
Kenneth Skoglund Robert Irvine Peter Wiebe
Edward Burstahler Phyllis Perkins Irene Irvine
Irene Irvine Henry Peters Arnold Rapski
Phyllis Perkins Jacob Peters Phyllis Perkins
Jake Peters Arnold Rapski Ross Clubb
Ross Clubb Ida Rapski Dorothy Skoglund
Dorothy Skoglund Robert Rapski Ima Bergstresser
Henry Peters Dorothy Skoglund Robert Rapski
Irma Bergstresser Kenneth Skoglund Ranald Skoglund
Ranald Skoglund Jim Irvine
Alma Skoglund
1934 - 1935 1933 - 1934 1932 - 1933
Teacher  -  Margaret M. Irvine Teacher  -  Ethel Hewett Teacher  -  Ethel Hewett
Ima Bergstresser Annie Wiebe Elsie Bittner
Edith Brown Peter Wiebe Phyllis Perkins
Joyce Brown Arnold Rapski Pearl Lemm
Walter Brown Phyllis Perkins Joyce Brown
Bill Irvine Pearl Lemm Dorothy Skoglund
Irene Irvine Joyce Brown Ross Clubb
Jim Irvine Dorothy Skoglund Teddy Lemm
Phyllis Perkins Ross Clubb Robert Rapski
Arnold Rapski Teddy Lemm Rudolph Rapski
Robert Rapski Robert Rapski Ranald Skoglund
Rudolph Rapski Rudolph Rapski Edith Brown
Alice Skoglund Ranald Skoglund Wlater Brown
Alma Skoglund Edith Brown Leslie Irvine
Dorothy Skoglund Leslie Irvine Jim Irvine
Ranald Skoglund Alice Skoglund Alice Skoglund
Kenneth Skoglund Alma Skoglund Alma Skoglund
Annie Wiebe Peter Enns
Peter Wiebe Ethel Perkins
1931 - 1932 1930 - 1931 1929 - 1930
Teacher  -  Ethel Hewett Teacher  -  Ethel Hewett Teacher  -  Doris Davis
Pearl Lemm Ada Irvine Walter Brown
Dorothy Skoglund Ethel Perkins Theodore Lemm
Ross Clubb Annie Lutomsky Willie Huff
George Huff John Lutomsky Walter Huff
Teddy Lemm Bill Irvine Ranald Skoglund
Walter Huff Arnold Huff Edith Brown
Willie Huff Henry Enns Jim Irvine
Martha Hartig Peter Enns Alice Skoglund
Ranald Skoglund Alice Skoglund Alma Skoglund
Edith Brown Alma Skoglund Peter Enns
Walter Brown James Irvine Henry Enns
Alice Skoglund Leslie Irvine Gordon Schmidt
Alma Skoglund Edith Brown Arnold Huff
James Irvine Walter Brown Ethel Perkins
Peter Enns Ranald Skoglund John Lutomsky
Ethel Perkins Willie Huff Anne Lutomsky
Henry Enns Walter Huff Bill Irvine
Leslie Irvine Ada Irvine
Leslie Irvine
Jacob Steingard
Peter Steingard
Henry Steingard
Abram Steingard
1928 - 1929 1927 - 1928 1926 - 1927
Teacher  -  Doris Davis Teacher  -  Florence Hammond Teacher  -  Florence Fahey
2nd term  H. Hammond
Ranald Skoglund Jimmy Irvine
Willie Huff Isaac Epp Teina Letkeman
Jimmy Irvine Peter Steingard Henry Letkeman
Edith Brown Alma Skoglund Marquerite Clubb
Alice Skoglund David Epp Mary Letkeman
Alma Skoglund Alice Skoglund Wilma Clubb
Leslie Irvine Peter Enns Jack Wilton
Peter Steingard Henry Enns Margaret Wilton
Peter Enns John Enns Marjorie Neufield
Henry Enns Abraham Epp Abraham Letkeman
John Enns Henry Steingard Clifford Wilton
Henry Steingard Ethel Perkins Peter Letkeman
Ethel Perkins Abraham Steingard David Epp
Gordon Schmidt John Lutomsky Peter Steingard
Arnold Huff Anne Lutomsky Peter Enns
John Lutomsky Lena Epp Henry Enns
Anne Lutomsky Jacob Epp John Enns
Bill Irvine Susie Steingard Agatha Enns
Ada Irvine Willie Irvine Abraham Epp
Elsie Lutomsky Elsie Lutomsky Henry Steingard
Abram Steingard Dorothy Thompson Ethel Perkins
Willie Lutomsky Abraham Steingard
Mildred Begley John Lutomsky
Anne Lutomsky
Lena Epp
Jacob Epp
Susie Steingard
Willie Irvine
Elsie Lutomsky
Dorothy Thompson
Willie Lutomsky
Mildred Begley
Willie Fraser
1925 - 1926 1924 - 1925 1924 - 1923
Teacher  -  Annie F. McKillop Teacher  -  Jean Oatway No Records
2nd term  Florence Fahey
Alice Skoglund
Edyth Irvine Ethel Perkins
Alma Whilham Arthur Kran
Earle Clubb Annie Lutomsky
Clifford Wilton Johnny Lutomsky
Margaret Wilton Amel Kran
Dorothy Thompson Elsie Lutomsky
John Wilton Wilma Clubb
William Lutomsky Willie Irvine
Willian Irvine Jackie Wilton
Elsie Lutomsky Dorothy Thompson
Wilma Clubb Olga Kran
Emil Kran Bill Lutomsky
Annie Lutomsky Fred Lutomsky
Mary Letkeman Margaret Wilton
John Lutomsky Clifford Wilton
Jacob Epp Edyth Irvine
Ethel Perkins Alma Whilham
Arthur Kran Earle Clubb
Marquerite Clubb
Lena Epp
William Fraser
Fred Lutomsky
Peter Letkeman
Abraham Letkeman
Abram Epp
Hetor Pelland
Margary Newfield
1922 - 1923 1921 - 1922 1920 - 1921
Teacher  -  Mary V. Sloan Teacher Elsie Copping Teacher - Gladys Matheson
2nd term  Myrtle M.  Bailey
Wilma Clubb Willie Irvine
Annie Lutomsky Jackie Wilton Will Lutomsky
John Lutomsky Dorothy Thompson Elsie Lutomsky
Bill Irvine Margaret Wilton Alma Lawrie
Elsie Lutomsky Clifford Wilton Margaret Wilton
Amel Kran Alma Whelham Clifford Wilton
Dorothy Thompson Alma Lawrie Eddie Sonebald
Jack Wilton Edith Irvine Fred Lutomsky
Willie Lutomsky Keith Lawrie Edith Irvine
Olga Kran Fred Langley Alma Whelham
Albert Kran Earl Clubb Keith Lawrie
Margaret Wilton Wilford Lawrie Charlie Senobald
Clifford Wilton Bessie Irvine Edward Lutomsky
Fred Lutomsky Margaret Irvine Earl Clubb
Edith Irvine Agnes Langley Fred Langley
Alma Whelham Elsie Lutomsky Wilford Lawrie
Edward Lutomsky Willie Lutomsky Bessie Irvine
Fred Langley Annie Lutomsky Haddie Sonebald
Earl Clubb John Lutomsky Margaret Irvine
Margaret Irvine Wilma Clubb Venie Chrurchill
Besssie Irvine Fred Lutomsky Mabel Irvine
Agnes Langley Edward Lutomsky
Arthur Walters Mabel Irvine
Arthur Kran
Amy Lawrie
Ester Beatty
1919 - 1920 1918 - 1919 1917 - 1918
Teacher  -  Mildred R. Boyle Teacher  - Verna M. Glover Teacher Annie L. Day
2nd Term  M.R. Boyle
Margaret Wilton Dorothy Shewman
Clifford Wilton Edyth Irvine Freddie Langley
Lily Stewin Eddie Senebald Lloyd Shewman
Eddy Senebald Alma Whelham Jean Shewman
Alma Lawrie Margaret Wilton Willie Fraser
 Edythe Irvine Clifford Wilton Charlie Shewman
Alma Langley Earle Clubb Venie Churchill
Keith Lawrie Dorothy Shewman Albert Schwark
Earle Clubb Harry Danish Mable Irvine
Harry Danish  Charlie Senebald Agnes Langley
 Charlie Senebald Haddie Senebald Alvin Churchill
Fred Lutomsky Bessie Irvine Jessie Fraser
Bessie Irvine Fred Langley Elmer Langley
Fred Langley Lloyd Shewman Cecil Irvine
Haddie Senebald Rosie Senebald Eva Langley
Wilfrid Lawrie Margaret Irvine Gladys Fraser
Edward Lutomsky Willie Fraser
Margaret Irvine Annie Stewin
Willie Fraser Jean Shewman
Annie Stewin Venie Churchill
Rosie Senebald Mable Irvine
Margaret Ross Agnes Langley
Venie Churchill Alvin Churchill
Mable Irvine Cecil Irvine
Agnes Langley Elmer Langley
Willie Lutomsky Jessie Fraser
1917 - 1916 1916 - 1915 1913 - 1914
No Records No Records Teacher - L. E. Clarke
2nd tern N. E. Smith
Agnes Langley
Venie Churchill
Mabel Irvine
Albert Schwark
Harold Doyes
Alvin Churchill
Jessie Fraser
Leo Walters
Gladys Fraser
Elmer Langley
Cecil Irvine
Berta Walters
Eva Langley
Hazel Churchill
Stanley Churchill
Sarah Langley
Annie Langley
1912 1911 1910
Teacher Joseph Henry Rothery Teacher Mary Affleck Teacher - Nellie Hogg
2nd term Gladys Smith
Philip Small Cecil Irvine
John Langley Martha Thoms John Langley
Kate Adolph Emanuel Thoms Elmer Langley
May Adolph May Adolph Alvin Churchill
Alvin Churchill Katie Adolph Gladys Fraser
Venie Churchill Johnnie Adolph Eva Langley
Jessie Fraser John Langley David Walters
Mabel Irvine Alvin Churchill Maratha Thoms
Agnes Langley Venie Churchill Bertha Walters
John Adolph Jesssie Fraser Emanuel Thoms
Albert Warkenagel Mabel Irvine Annie Langley 
Christine Adolph Mary Walters Hazel Churchill
Gladys Fraser Elmer Langley Sadie Langley
Elmer Langley Gladys Fraser Stanley Churchill
Leo Walters Leo Walters Mary Walters
Cecil Irvine Christine Adolph Chester Churchill
Eva Langley Cecil Irvine Evelyn Churchill
Bertha Walters Eva Langley Violet Churchill
David Walters Bertha Walters Daisy Churchill
Annie Langley  David Walters Howard Clubb
Hazel Churchill Hazel Churchill Maude Churchill
Sadie Langley Annie Langley  Katie Adolph
Stanley Churchill Stanley Churchill Christine Adolph
Chester Churchill Sadie Langley May Adolph
Maude Honnor Chester Churchill Leo Walters
Violet Churchill Evelyn Churchill
Violet Churchill
Howard Clubb
1909 1908 1907
Teacher - Nellie Hogg No Records Teacher Sara M. Wood
Cecil Irvine Eva  Langley
Eva  Langley Johnny Langley
Bertha Walters Hazel Churchill
David Walters Annie Langley
Sam Walters Mary Walters
Hazel Churchill Sadie Langley
Annie Langley David Walters
Sadie Langley Sam Walters
Stanley Churchill Bertha Walters
Mary Walters Stanley Churchill
Evelyn Churchill Chester Churchill
Chester Churchill Violet Churchill
Violet Churchill Daisy Churchill
Daisy Churchill Eva Churchill
Howard Clubb Evelyn Churchill
Maude Churchill Ross Clubb
Howard Clubb
Maude Churchill
Miss N. Stevenson
2nd tern  Miss E. Kelso
              Miss H. Todd
Hazel Churchill
John Langley
Annie Landley
Aust Walters
Hilda Walters
Sam Walters
David Walters
Mary Walters
Stanley Churchill
Sarah Langley
Chester Churchill 
Evelyn Churchill
Violet Churchill
Daisy Churchill
Eva Churchill
Howard Clubb
Ross Clubb
Bessie Langley
Maude Churchill



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